Today, March 20, the last male White Rhino died. There are only two more animals living in this world, both female. This is a sad day since it wasn’t possible to make sure that these animals would give birth to a new generation of White Rhinos.

White Rhino

The White Rhino
is the modern day Dodo
It’s the sad ending to yet another part of the concerto
What another animal will follow?
How many more will have to go?
When will we hear the last echo
of a dying animal send into limbo?

The sad truth is: we are animals too
All living in this zoo
where extinction is part of our own Waterloo

When the last animal dies, who or what will be there
With a confused look and gasping for air
The sad truth is: no one will say a prayer
All because no one will care
No one will care because there is no one there
All gone, is that fair?
The White Rhino
is the modern day Dodo
Except we now own a photo
instead of a painting, a picture of that we let go

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