Today, January 27, is Holocaust Memorial Day. On this day the concentration camp Auschwitz was liberated in 1945. There are many people who still deny the millions of people (Jews, gipsies, homosexuals, political opponents and resistance fighters) who died during the period of the Third Reich. This poem is about the denial of the holocaust. A useless effort to change history and disrespect for the millions who died.

To deny the holocaust is the same as thinking the world is flat…


This tragedy

If it’s all a lie
didn’t they try
to get back the luggage they left behind?
Didn’t they try
to find
their way back?
Every suitcase, every backpack
isn’t the only clear evidence
The entrance
with the words ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’
isn’t the evidence too
Glasses left behind
these can’t be declined
or ignored
If you do
decide to discord
based on hate
just wait
Wait and see
They never came back
Never free
For those who were lucky
to survive
there was this constant flashback
as long as they would live
Denial isn’t just stupid
Denial is just mad
Most of all, it’s just sad
The truth isn’t complicated
it’s clear, all of this
The only analysis
is this one:
Red is the colour of blood
and once lost
it’s gone
The holocaust
isn’t something to deny
Every effort, every try
opens a wound for Jews, gipsies, homosexuals and so-called enemies of the state
Discrimination leads to hate
and to a state
of total insanity, one that cannot be denied
It isn’t related to something nationwide
This genocide,
it was worldwide
A worldwide tragedy
This sad melody
of pitch black history
Oh, the tragedy
It leaves you breathlessly
This tragedy
This tragedy
This tragedy

is this tragedy,
this part of history
a lie?

This tragedy

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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