Martin Luther King jr. was assassinated in Memphis fifty years ago. Today marks the fiftieth day of remembering the death of this King. I’ve wrote a poem in Dutch and English that contains fifty stanzas. This is the poem “King.”

As this is the English part of my website, I will only publish the last part of this poem. The full version is available in the Dutch section of this website.


There was this King!
There was this land
There was this thing
There was nothing to understand
There was this silencing
And there was this King, Martin Luther King!


There is this dream
There is this aspiration
There is this scheme
There is this admiration
And there is this King

There is this remembrance
There is this understanding
There is this acceptance
There is this commanding
And there is this legacy of this King

There is this power
There are these words
There is this tower
and one day, it will fall downwards
The legacy of power
The legacy of this King
Not just one thing:
Freedom, equality and respect
Words that connect
This was Martin Luther King
There was no greater monarch
who left this beautiful mark
Words not only so inspiring
They were amazing
Silenced by one shot
Yet, his legacy we did not forget
Words are stronger than a gunshot
They won’t be stopped, there is no reset
There is only the regret
Of a world that should change
A world we need to rearrange
Just remember:
Rights are civil
and violence is never admirable
It’s never an answer.


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