Harm Jagerman
Harm Jagerman Harm Jagerman


It all started in the year 1976. I was born in the Dutch city Leiden. I lived near the coast of the Northsea. I studied in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Photography was always a hobby. In 2010 I decided to combine my job as an IT-specialist with my own company. From that moment I was self-employed.

In 2014 I suffered from a burn-out and decided that it was time for a change. I decided to end my contract and I became self-employed. I also was the one who took care of the children. During this period I started De Goede Huisvader (English version: The Diligent Father).

When I thought it was time to share words of others, I founded The Ministry of Poetic Affairs. This project ended in 2018. It was succeeded by Let’s Agree it’s Art. This project is currently on hold since I am involved in another big project. This is the website and webshop of Ilias Delicatessen.

In daily life nowadays, I combine the care for my two children with my activities as photographer, writer and developer.

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